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Paper drip catchers with your own design
New in the range of Leoprinting: paper drop cloths that can be printed to your business or product to give it more visibility.

A stylish way to bring attention your brand
Paper drip catchers are widely used in the catering industry, for example in cafes, restaurants and hotels. The paper coasters can be put under coffee and tea cups and glasses . In an office environment, for example in the company cafeteria or waiting room ,drop cloths ensure a neat appearance. Leoprinting offers you the opportunity to spend a stylish way too be printed with your company name and / or logo. drip catchers gets your business to the attention

More information about drip catchers and other promotional items
Leoprinting think along with you to that suits your business and within your strategy. Finding a communication carrier We are also always looking for new innovative products in the field of effective Promotional items and Give Aways.

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